your wellness program

Wellbeing & health cares

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine : we can help with several methods, all based on your energy balance and adapted to your request :


Acu-lifting for face beauty

Stop smoking acupuncture

Chinese herbs & dietetics

Chinese physiotherapy

  • Reflexology : foot massage and acupressure method, based on reflex zones we stimulate to bring efficient effects on nervous, endocrinien, circulatory, digestive and metabolic systems
  • Auriculotherapy : small little points in your ears that could be stimulated with small balls you keep - to prolong the effects of your session

relaxation & massage therapies

  • Prenatal cares and massages : from the 3d month of pregnancy... till the end !
  • Baby massage - session / lesson : give your baby the best quality of sleep, digestion, immunity...
  • Duo massage - for two people at the same time : ideal for couples, friends, you and one of your parents... (caution : non erotic massages provided!)
  • Senior Nursing Touch massage : especially designed to bring the best quality of rest and physical confort.

wellness gifts, workshops & ideas

  • 4 hands massage (two massage therapists for one person) : full sensitive massage experience, very very relaxing (and original!)
  • Wellbeing bouquet : 2 hours fasciatherapy + 2 hours relaxing massages (to choose), so you can enjoy long term relaxing program!
  • Wellness party : invite your friends for a relaxing private event / workshop to learn the most efficient wellness techniques !

What kind of massage do you need?

These are some of the proposals we have selected this winter-spring season.... We combine hand massages with accessories such as bambou, gua sha, cups, scarves... to bring you ever innovative techniques in the best traditional massage cultures.

If you still wonder what massage to choose for you or for the person you want to offer it - just send us a message explaining your request, your eventual pains or medical backgrounds and specificities, we will help you find out or combine the ideal massage (or techniques) for your next session. 


Please note that we do not provide medical or kinesitherapeutic massages or advices - our services are complementary cares for a global wellbeing.


NB : Please note that there will be no erotic or tantric massages provided. Massage therapist keeps the clothes on during the sessions.

Thank you for your undersdtanding :-) 

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