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In Toulouse & all around, get mobile at home or "on the site" wellness services. 

We provide quality services & programs for a large audience :

babies, children & teenagers, pregnant women, adults & seniors.

You just have to schedule your session and let it be : we bring wellness to you!

Addicted to wellness ?

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Look after your  balance & well being with global Traditional Chinese Medicine is possible and easy.

This alternative medicine based on a individual energy balance and apropriated methods such as acupuncture, chinese herbs, physiotherapy and manual techniques, foot or palm reflexolgy, or auriculotherapy.

Through regular sessions this ancient discipline can also help you succefully stop smoking, slimming, boosting immunity and emotional balance, preserving the youthfulness of your face and body.


Massage therapies

You can travel the world with the best massage therapies we selected for you. By having a personnalised massage session, adapted to your physical & emotional state. you allow a deep relaxing effect from structure to fluids, from your inner energy to your dynamism & good mood !

We accompany you towards the best being and performance, by proposing special services for pregnant women and babies (also teaching workshops), duo massages for two people at the same time (with my partner in work), special "wellness parties" if your want to share relaxing moments with friends or coworkers, gift certificates if you're inspired by communicating your wellbeing addiction...



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Just create the butterfly effect on your beauty, health and emotional balance....